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Sales Dialer: Call and contact more leads quickly – Velocify

September 26, 2013

Advanced dialer Velocifies lead response times

Adding a supercharger to an already fast car can easily be the difference between finishing second or first. Adding an intelligent sales dialer to your CRM or sales automation software can provide similar results. Much of Velocify’s previous research has shown that speed-to-call can have considerable impact on conversion rates. Our Ultimate Contact Strategy study shows that a lead’s likelihood of conversion increases significantly the faster a lead is responded to. That increase in conversion begins with making contact more often and faster. Our research has also shown that an effective sales dialer can greatly improve speed-to-call and therefore contact rate, which ultimately results in higher conversion rates.

Chart of the month_advanced dialer

Velocify customers that add the advanced Dial-IQ dialer to their already fast LeadManager are able to call and contact 62% and 92% more leads in less than five minutes, respectively.

The chart above illustrates the difference an advanced sales dialer can make in the percentage of leads called in five minutes or less. In fact, Velocify clients that added Velocify Dial-IQTM to their already speedy Velocify LeadManagerTM solution, saw an average increase of 62% in the percentage of leads called in less than five minutes. As would be expected, placing more calls in less than five minutes results in 92% more leads being contacted in that time. Getting leads on the phone sooner also shortens the sales cycle, allowing you to spend more time on new leads rather than on trying to get a hold of aged leads.

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